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Optimizing and Outsourcing Customer Care
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  • Today, 75 percent of U.S. and European multi-national companies use outsourcing or shared services to support their financial functions.  PWC
  • Contact centers play a crucial role in retaining customers, yet less than half of U.S. consumers report being satisfied with their customer service experience.  Forrester Consulting 2009
  • Home shoring, a labor pool often provided by outsourcing service providers is expected to exceed 300,000 workers in United States by 2013.  IDC

  • The North American Contact Center Outsourcing market is approximately $22.4B today and expected to reach $27.5B by 2013.   Frost & Sullivan

At the heart of our experience and our offerings is enabling all firms to consider the implications and benefits of outsourcing. 

Customer Servicing Solutions provides comprehensive support to help you outsource Customer Care or Technical Support to leading Customer Care and BPO service providers.  Our expertise assist you with every step of the process.   

CSS will make the process and transition of outsourcing nearly seamless to your organization.  We can assist you in managing part or all of the following critical steps:
  • Develop short-list of Vendor/ Partner considerations
  • Draft and issue outsourcing RFI and/or RFP
  • Score, Evaluate and Recommend winning Vendor Partner.
  • Draft and negotiate outsourcing Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Oversee Implementation and Go-live.
  • Ongoing Vendor Management and Invoice Review.

CSS has
first hand experience with Customer Care and BPO companies in India, the Philippines, Canada and throughout the United States.  We stay apprised of the benefits, performance and dynamics of numerous geographies and companies considering labor markets, education, technical capabilities, saturation, service quality and language support.  This awareness, along with our experience in the outsourcing space, helps to determine the best sourcing strategy, geographies and partner(s) for our clients.


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